Leave Avan a note!
February 22, 2019
Sam Klooster / Leduc, AB
I had the tremendous privilege of attending Mr. Yu's performance at the Mclab Center here in Leduc. I was impressed and amazed at the talent and skill displayed. Mr. Yu took me on an emotional journey from joy, to serenity, to despair, and back to joy for a grand finale. This will definitely be a concert I will not forget. Thank you so much for this wonderful performance and I wish you the best in your future performances and musical journey.
February 21, 2019
Kelly Koban / Fort McMurray, Alberta
I had the pleasure of watching this masterful pianist play his concert at Keyano Recital Theatre in Fort McMurray. The 1st movement of "Moonlight Sonata" was simply breathtaking and so lovely. I also enjoyed the Oscar Peterson portion of the concert! A thoroughly fantastic evening!
February 7, 2019
James / Devon, England
Hi Avan,
I just came across your recording of the Schubert/Liszt song 'Abschied' while looking for a nice version of this transcription. I'm so glad that you are interested in this beautiful repertoire and your version of it is my favourite so far!
February 13, 2018
Sean Larkin / Kamloops, BC
Had the pleasure of listening to you while you were in Kamloops this last week. What an exquisite performance! Thanks for gracing our small city, I hope you can make it back again sometime.
May 31, 2015
William Turner / Brisbane
Thank you for performing in Brisbane! Amazing performance! :)
May 31, 2015
Tom Phillips / Brisbane
Hello Avan Yu,
I heard you in Brisbane and thoroughly enjoyed your performance! Amazing moods conveyed in your performance. Best of luck in the future!
November 7, 2014
Robert Snelling / Auckland, New Zealand
Hello Avan,
I went to your recital at the Auckland Museum which I enjoyed immensely.

It was an inspired choice of programme with first, the more contemplative Beethoven Opus 110 Sonata contrasting with power and brilliance of the Appassionata.
The second half of the programme devoted to Schummann was also a lovely journey into both the world of exquisite tenderness and unfettered exuberance of that composer.

I have not heard that particular piano sound so good in your recital. It was a warm, rounded sound with never a harsh moment.

I am sorry that I did not hear your Ravel concerto appearance with the APO.

I hope that you had an enjoyable, restful break in Sydney before continuing with your tour.

Warm regards,

April 29, 2014
Jaeden Izik-Dzurko / British Columbia
Hi Avan,

I cannot wait forward with you next week. I look forward to hearing your performance of Schumann!

November 16, 2012
Kathryn Rorke / Inverell, NSW, Australia
Avan, my husband & I as well as many Inverell guests were overwhelmed with your superb piano playing. Hopefully we will see you back here! I am also looking forward to CD of your playing.

Best Wishes, Kathryn
September 16, 2012
Laurence (laurie) Atlee / Katoomba , Australia
Thankyou for your outstanding playing under trying circumstances at the Springwood Civic centre last night.
Your finesse, dexterity, emotion and touch, to say nothing of your incredible memory is something I will long remember.
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
(to put a face to these may rmember me having a few words to you as you were unpacking the car outside prior to your performance)
August 12, 2012
Robert V / Sydney
Great recital in Sydney this afternoon. Really carefully thought-out programme and beautifully played. It was wonderful to get more of an idea of your musical personality than is possible in a piano competition.

However, as a Sydney resident I felt embarrassed that the organisers, SIPCA, did not do a lot more to promote the recital. Just an email a few days before the event. They didn't even manage to print programs (though your spoken introductions were good too)! Not much of a thank you.

Look forward to your return to Sydney, no doubt as an internationally established performer.
July 31, 2012
Rosemary Wells / West Australia
Congratulations on your well deserved win at the Sydney International Piano competition. I was privileged to see you perform in the quarter finals & the semi finals at the Seymour Centre in Sydney; then, on returning back to West Australia, lo & behold! Bunbury (my nearest town) was the 2nd venue you performed at as part of your Australian tour. It was a delight to hear you so relaxed & polished after the "pressure cooker" atmosphere of the competition. & thank you for your generosity in sharing some insights into the beautiful music you played. I look forward to seeing & hearing more of you as your career takes off.
July 30, 2012
Phil Dowson / Perth WA
Congratulations, we totally enjoyed your recital evening at the Perth Concert Hall, hope you enjoy your tour to other Aussie Cities. Thank You.
P&S Dowson
July 22, 2012
Annette Tesoriero / Campbelltown NSW Australia
Congratulations Avan, we are looking forward to meeting you when you come to Campbelltown in early August.
July 19, 2012
Vicki Lum / Vancouver, BC
We are all cheering for you from Vancouver! Best of luck in your competitions and congratulations for your outstanding achievements!!
August 10, 2011
Alvin Ho / Toronto, ON, Canada
Hi Avan,

Heard you playing on the radio Classical 96.3 FM last year, really love your playing, hope to hear you play again in Toronto very soon!

June 4, 2011
Irene / Holland
Hey Avan,
Finally actually have time to sign this... Awesome website. i mean, I heard you play last year in Holland at the THIMS, but never knew you were like.. famous! Wow, going to listen to some of the recordings now i think ;) hope you're well
September 24, 2010
Sonia / Burnaby, BC, Canada
Hi Avan,

I finally get to see your website! Sorry I could make it to Europe with Cyrus to see you perform this past summer. We ended up waiting til later for Europe. But I'm excited about your concert with VSO this coming weekend. I'm also bringing a young pianist with me on Saturday to be inspired by your playing of Saint-Saens. Looking forward to it with great anticipation. It was good to see you last Christmas too. Not always easy to see busy people like you! But it's always a sensation to hear you play. Thanking God for you (and your hard-working, and now very proud parents too). Take care & God Bless.

July 21, 2010
Jason Wrobleski / Berlin
Hello Avan,
Thank you for inviting me to your concert in Berlin last week. I, along with my friends, thought it a very enjoyable evening hearing exceptional talent. I look forward to seeing you, once again, with the VSO in Vancouver this September.
All the best,
July 18, 2010
Leanne Roy / North Vancouver
So pleased that you have accepted our invitation to be our headliner for the Vancouver Women's Musical Society scholarship & bursary fundraiser to be held March 13, 2011 at the Vancouver Music Academy's Koerner Hall. We look forward to hearing some of your marvelous repertoire. We wish you success with all your concert plans and performances until March, but especially that with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in September.
April 25, 2010
Ila Hardin / 32 Eagle ridge Place S.W. Calgary Alberta Canada
Hi Avan,
I was driving in my car today and heard you on CBC radio playing an all Chopin Concert. How exciting for me to have heard this recital. Congratulations to you on your selection of the top 10 pianists of new artists. We are following your career with much pleasure and anticipation hoping you will some day come back to Calgary and naturally stay with us..Best regards to you and your family as always. Ila
PS. Please give Colleen a big hug and hello from us as well. Thanks.....
March 23, 2010
Sara Douglas / Sechelt, BC
Many thanks, Avan, for giving our students at Chatelech Secondary and Sechelt Elementary such a wonderful concert. You were so relaxed and at ease with the students, and you handled that 'rogue' student with humour and finesse! My own nine year old son was in the school audience, and he talked of nothing else last night.
The Beethoven Pathetique was simply marvellous. Thank you for playing it for me.
I wish you the very best, Avan, and I will be watching you, and listening to you at every opportunity!
March 21, 2010
Naya Kee / Sunshine Coast, BC
Your concert in Sechelt today was a triumph. Many, many thanks. The depth, agility and sensitivity of soul that you brought to this wonderful music was extraordinary. Bravo!
March 1, 2010
Mary / tivat
Avan, enjoyed your concert in Victoria greatly! You are the best!

Best wishes,
February 8, 2010
Jocelyn / United States
Hi Avan,

Your concert in Victoria was impeccable! Thank you for that memorable performance of Chopin's second concerto...please do keep me updated on your upcoming concerts, I cannot wait to hear more of you...

My best,

June 12, 2009
Ricardo / Funchal
Hi Avant

your concert in Madeira was great. come here next time.Bext luck too next concerts.
Bye come here another time. i love your music`s.

Bye Avant
June 12, 2009
Francisco / Câmara de lobos
Your concert in Madeira was great. Congratulations. continue to play just like you play was very great.
Come to madeira next time i am gotta see you
May 6, 2009
Pascal Laplante / Montréal
Hello Avan,

Your performance in Montreal was impressive. You were very generous by offering a part in recall to us. It was very appreciated.

Thank you and congratulations.

Pascal Laplante
May 3, 2009
Sharon Enenkel / Markham Ontario
Hi Avan,
Your performance last night in Toronto was spectacular. I was totally in awe of your style and ability. Truly you are a gifted pianist that I am sure Rachmaninoff would have been thrilled to hear you play his music!
April 4, 2009
María Jesús / Santander, Spain
Hi Avan,

Congratulations on your performance in the recent concert in Palacio Festivales of Santander, Spain.
You were wonderful.I hope see you when you come back to Santander.
¡Olé, Olé y Olé!