There is much delightful playing here, which makes one want to hear more of this promising young artist.
But while he is second to few in the glittering virtuosity of which he is capable at the keyboard, there is also - and this is far more important - an ability to probe and reveal the inner depths of whatever he plays which is far more suggestive of the real McCoy than the surface prestidigitation that too often is all that many a young, hotshot piano player aspires to.
West Australian
Yu’s treatment of these works reveals sensitivity and conviction, musicality rather than merely raw virtuosity. His Naxos debut of these Schubert transcriptions respects the original melodies with astounding attention to Liszt’s details.
American Record Guide
Avan Yu est appelé à devenir un pianiste très important.
Claude Gingras, La Presse, Montreal
Es macht Freude, dem Entstehen der Musik zuzusehen, dem Spiel der feingliedrigen Hände, aber ebenso gern schließt man die Augen, überlässt sich ganz der Magie der Musik, der dynamischen Kraft wie der höchsten Sensibilität und der fiebrigen Rasanz am Ende der Sonate.
die Schwaebische Zeitung