Teen pianist tackles concerto with ease
A dazzling display by a teenage pianist and recognition from the Ontario Arts Council were the highlights Saturday at Windsor Symphony Orchestra's opening classics concert of the season.

John Morris Russell conducted two works by Tchaikovsky, including the towering First Piano Concerto, which featured star-in-the-making, Vancouver's Avan Yu.

This 19-year-old looked a lot younger, but played like a seasoned pro. His fluid technique enabled him to glide over some of the most tortuous passages in all of the piano repertory.

But he gave up none of the feeling which the piece demands.

Getting strong support from the orchestra, Yu had complete command of the big, flashy arpeggios in the opening movement. Yet, he played most effectively in the rapturous second movement Andantino as well, drawing out its emotion with a delicate touch.

He was up to every task the concerto presented. And for someone so youthful and slight in appearance, it was a remarkable performance. He justly earned the sustained standing ovation delivered by the audience, and seemed somewhat nonplussed by the acclaim.
Ted Shaw, The Windsor Star
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