Vancouver Symphony Orhcestra Can't Be Back Too Soon
Pianist Avan Yu joined Tovey and the orchestra in a riveting account of Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. At 21, Yu is a marvelous pianist, though it must be noted that there a great many marvelous pianists in his generation, possibly too many.

Be that as it may, he certainly delivered the goods. The moments of caprice were light and captivating, his double-fortes resounding and the tender 17th and 18th variations wonderfully lyrical.

But Tovey and the orchestra must receive at least as much credit for the success of the performance, the best this listener has heard for many years. There were emphases here and there on brass entries, wind solos and the like that we don't normally hear.
Richard Todd, Ottawa Citizen
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