Vancouver Symphony Opening Concert
In the opening movement (Allegro animato) Mr. Yu delivered a subtle, reflective interpretation, that was full of expression. His build-up to a crescendo was technically superb, clearly demonstrating an understanding and maturity beyond his years. Maestro Tovey’s direction was equally commanding, allowing the young pianist room in playing the melody lines. Skillfully working in unison, Maestro Tovey and Avan Yu brought out the full range of exotic expression in this concerto. In the third and final movement (Molto allegro) the young prodigy showed with his incredible dexterity in building each passage of the concerto to its heroic conclusion, why he is widely regarded as such a phenomenon. At the end of the full length concerto, the audience responded with a well deserved standing ovation. Mr. Yu acknowledged audience’s applause by offering a generous encore with an étude by Franz Liszt.
John Jane, Review Vancouver
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